What Is A Certified Addictions Counselor?

A certified addictions counselor is a highly trained therapist or psychotherapist in the counseling field who applies different treatment methods to help people overcome addiction problems. The counselors are usually certified by the state government or other authorities. The minimum education requirement to be a counselor is a bachelor’s degree in a field such as psychology or sociology, along with certification in the counseling field.

Doctorate and master’s degrees are preferable, since this increases the range of work opportunities. You should always be cautious in selecting a certified addictions counselor. Incompetent practitioners claiming to be certified addictions counselors have been known to obtain forged certifications. A qualified counselor should have certifications recognized by the government and accreditation bodies.

The counselor should show certificates from recognized learning institutions. They must pass through comprehensive training before being considered as a certified addictions counselor. Sadly, some unskilled people find ways to self-appoint as counselors and convince vulnerable people to pay them fees for services.

Firstly, the counselor must possess efficient skills necessary for dealing with addiction problems. Individuals who have suicidal thoughts can be vulnerable and sensitive to deal with. A certified addictions counselor would be able to evaluate the situation and arrange for instant hospitalization or call emergency personnel.

What Is A Certified Addictions Counselor?

Every federal government has enforced laws to protect its citizens’ health. A certified addictions counselor abides by these laws to ensure addicts receive safe treatment. If you discover that your privacy is not being respected; it is possible to report an incompetent counselor to a certification board for malpractice.

Some people rely on insurance companies to cover treatment costs. It is worth noting that these firms only pay for treatment programs provided by certified addictions counselors. This means that, before selecting any counselor, it is important to know what kind of certifications they possess. Another factor to consider is whether the programs they offer meet your requirements.

Also, identify if you are comfortable around the person and the type of language he or she uses to discuss your problem with you. These factors are of great importance in choosing a reliable and certified addictions counselor who can help you through the process of recovery.

A good counselor will build close relationship with patients, being able to share interests as well as to be respectful and compassionate in discussing the more sensitive issues related to addiction. There are numerous centers or agencies where certified licensed counselors can be found. Good examples include Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. They are also employed at detox rehab centers, outpatient and inpatient treatment facilities.

It is also possible to conduct extensive research both online or offline to identify accredited counselors. These counselors are able to offer treatment programs that ensure complete recovery. Some patients need multiple counseling therapies coupled with group sessions. The counselors closely monitor patients to prevent any occurrence of relapse.

A good and certified addictions counselor will assist the addict in selecting an appropriate treatment facility depending on the degree and type of addiction. The treatment program provided by a licensed counselor may also include family therapy.

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