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In recent years, sex, drug, alcohol, internet and gambling addictions have been turning into a major epidemic affecting people of all ages. With this increase in various forms of addiction, demand for certified addiction counselors has risen. A certified addictions counselor primarily helps those afflicted to learn to identify their own damaging behavioral patterns, along with ways to abstain from the habits that have become addictive.

Millions of people are suffering from substance abuse and many other types of addiction. This means that a certified addictions counselor who enjoys looking for ways to help other people has a very fulfilling profession. Addicts in recovery fare best with the kind of support a trained counselor can provide.

How to Become a Certified Addictions Counselor – Becoming a licensed addictions counselor is not as simple as giving good advice. A number of qualifications are necessary to work in this field, and the ideal candidate should be able to communicate well, and be good at identifying problems and finding ways to solve them. Before being accredited as a certified addictions counselor, you should go through a thorough professional and closely supervised training program.

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